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Sections for Sale Stage 2 & 3 Land SOLD

See TradeMe listing GJT399 for more info.
Brookside Featherston is sub-diving the next sections soon.
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Who are we?

We are a small Nelson, NZ based firm established in 2016 by Ian McComb. Ian is an infrastructure engineer with 30 years of experience working with councils, developers, builders and other sectors. He has an extensive background in development planning and infrastructure and is able to bridge the gap between clients and councils.  Together with Ian, there is a highly skilled team working together on projects. Click here for more. 

Why did we start?

Small Time Developments is about facilitating housing choice and in particular small and tiny house options. We have become aware of many people who realise that they do not have healthy, affordable housing.  Many people are also looking at the damage this is doing to our whole society.  Read this report and see if you agree.

By reducing the cost of housing we aim to reduce stress and increase the disposable income of people to spread the joy around! We are therefore concentrating on project management and  looking at a range of mechanisms including pre-fabricated units, co-housing, work or rent to own to support people making changes and getting into affordable housing.

What do we do?

We facilitate small and tiny housing solutions for individuals and groups. 
Options include:
   - House and land packages
   - Subdivision facilitation
   - Co-housing developments
We seek to add enduring value through high standards of environmental and energy efficiency performance and edible landscaping.

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