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Be the change….3D Printed Housing Down Under


It is not often that I tell people to “check out this video”  because I know we are all busy, with so many demands on our time. In fact, I usually ignore those requests from my FB friends because of my own time constraints.

This is one of those times though, when I am looking to connect with like-minded people who can see this in our region, soon! I believe it is a truly achievable objective and could be one of the solutions to our affordability crisis. Could this be another way we get small and tiny houses on the mainstream agenda for affordability?
The reality is that this is a major new technology coming online now. I really want to be part of the group that makes this happen in NZ and Aus. Does it inspire you too? Would you like to be part of that dream team that makes it happen?

Give that we are all in iso at the moment…. maybe it is just the time to dream big, think about the lessons that matter most right now… community, compassion, making sure everyone is ok…not just the wealthy and the young…
Video stills: New Story + ICON + Échale | “3D Printed Housing for Those Who Need It Most”
The example in the video uses a proprietary product, Lavacrete. Could we use hempcrete? Could we use our own CNC router to customise parts of the interior design? The 3D printing industry is changing really fast. This will be a very exciting project to be working on.

3D printed houses can deliver safer, faster and higher quality housing. We can do this here: Small Time Developments Ltd is committed to developments that are community focused, affordable, sustainable and don’t take 20 years to happen.

We are looking for a team to make this 3D printed housing a reality. Contact me at +64 223 152 592 or though our FB page and let's get the ball rolling!
Who are we looking for?  People with qualifications, related skills or enthusiasm... or all three! 

Do you know about 3D printing? Marketing? Concreting?  We are keen to build a team with the combined skills to make this a reality.

Ian would love to hear from you now if you would like to be part of this dream team.

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