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The NZ Housing Crisis Silver Bullet
Be the change….3D Printed Housing Down Under

It is not often that I tell people to “check out this video” because I know we are all busy, with so many demands on our time.  In fact, I usually ignore those requests from my FB friends because of my own time constraints.  This is one of those times though, when I am looking […]

How infill housing can work with existing infrastructure

"Infill housing is the insertion of additional housing units into an already-approved subdivision or neighborhood. They can be provided as additional units built on the same lot, by dividing existing homes into multiple units, or by creating new residential lots by further subdivision or lot line adjustments." Few people would question that we need more infill […]

Affordability & Community on the Housing Agenda

It is great to see that sustainable solutions are getting traction in the marketplace.  It is obvious that there  is a housing crisis in New Zealand that is not going to disappear if we rely on purely traditional large housing models.  We need to promote the great solutions that are being discussed and starting to […]

Luminate – 2019 – Environmentally Sensitive Co-creating

Ian attended Luminate at Cannan Downs for 8 days at the end of January to show off the fantastic HomeBiogas units and speak about creating affordable communities. Ian is really happy that both aims were achieved with many contacts being made that could lead deepening our involvement in communities in/near Takaka, Ashburton, Wanaka and Waihi […]

Featherston: Small and Tiny Home Development Update

This is an update about the Brookside Featherston development which is starting to get really exciting with Ian and the team at Brookside getting closer to submitting the Resource Consent application. Here is the news from Ian McComb on recent progress... The community consultation survey closed with 71 responses with the final trends the same […]

A Small Time Community Development for Featherston

  This update is a summary of what we have been doing in Featherston, north of Wellington NZ. The basic proposal is for ~100 small and tiny homes in a sustainable community setting of productive landscapes, and useful shared spaces. We have created a specific Featherston webpage  and a Facebook presence for this development.   Prior to […]

Affordable Housing - what options would you choose?

The current NZ official view of affordable housing is ~$600,000 in Auckland and $500,000 elsewhere.  I’m much more in line with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters suggestion that the average person should be able to buy a house on 4 times their wage.  That means a home needs to cost […]

What can councils do to support affordable housing?

There are many parts to the housing unaffordability puzzle and many players who are working on their own agendas, so it's not an easy solution.  This blog suggests a few actions that councils can take to help the process back to affordability: Identify more zoned and serviced land for development This one has been harped […]

Is prefab the new black in affordable housing?

WOW is the short description of my day at the Prefab CoLab on 8 Feb18. There is so much opportunity ahead of us to provide affordable housing! This conference was run by Prefab NZ at AUT and had about 250 participants. Prefab is short for prefabrication or offsite construction of building components or full structures […]

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