Home Biogas

In line with our commitment to work with green companies, we are proud to be the official HomeBiogas 2.0 reseller in New Zealand.

Homebiogas is a biogas digester that treats organic waste in a local and sustainable way. It produces biogas for cooking and rich fertilizer for your garden.

The easy to install HomeBiogas 2.0 units are priced at $1995.00 NZ incl GST.

NEW…. Biogas 7.0 (large family or small commercial scale) including stove are priced at $2745.00 NZ.
If you are looking for the ultimate recycling option…. how about the  for Biogas 7.0, toilet and stove?  Contact us for the latest price on this package.

You can also add the toilet option for $1290 including GST and postage within NZ, at any time.

Please note: replacement gas filters are available for  $55.00 including delivery  + $24.00 for each additional unit.

Contact us for more information.

note: HomeBiogas is no longer available on kickstarter

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What is biogas and what is HomeBiogas?

Biogas is gas produced from the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic digestion). Biogas is typically composed of 60% methane and creates a blue flame when burned, just like LPG or natural gas.

HomeBiogas is a system that converts your organic waste into biogas cooking fuel for your home and fertilizer for your garden.

What do I need to own a HomeBiogas system?

First of all, you need the right climate (average day/night temperatures above 15°C) so HomeBiogas can work optimally.
Second, you need a space with good solar access to put the HomeBiogas. The size of the system is 2.1m x 1.2m and it should be placed outdoors in an easy-to-access area within 20 metres of where you intend to cook.
The last requirement is easy!  You need a regular source of organic waste to feed HomeBiogas. You can use your leftover food scraps from the kitchen, or animal manure.  If you connect the HomeBiogas toilet, you can even add your human waste.

How do I install, assemble and activate my system?

You don’t need an expert or technician to install HomeBiogas, you can do it by yourself! Installation is easy with a step-by-step assembly manual, and takes only about an hour with two people.

After you assemble, it’s time to activate your system! Activation is the way you get bacteria into the water container so that it can start producing biogas. Activation is only done once in order to get the system activated with hungry bacteria.

The best way to activate HomeBiogas with bacteria is to feed the system with 100 litres of animal manure. Put it in and wait 3-4 weeks, so a healthy bacteria colony grows. After that, you can start using the biogas for cooking and feeding the system with food scraps if you would like.


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Using HomeBiogas

What can I feed my HomeBiogas unit with?

You can feed HomeBiogas with both manure and leftover food scraps. There is no minimum feeding amount, but there is a maximum feeding amount.

Maximun feeding amount per day:
Food waste: 6 litres
Manure: 30 litres as a slurry

You should not feed HomeBiogas wood shavings, straw, earth, sand, tree branches, paper, metal, plastic, glass, grass, or any non-organic liquid.

Can I relocate my HomeBiogas if I move or am renovating?

Because HomeBiogas is filled up with water, bacteria and organic waste, it should not be relocated unnecessarily. However, the system can be emptied and relocated.  The reactivation process is the same as for the initial start-up.

What kind of stove can be used with HomeBiogas?

Every HomeBiogas purchase comes with our specially designed biogas stovetop and a yellow pipe, which carries the gas to the stovetop.  Connecting the biogas stovetop to the HomeBiogas system is easy and does not require a technician!

How does HomeBiogas make bio-slurry fertiliser?

In addition to creating biogas cooking fuel, HomeBiogas creates a bio-slurry fertiliser full of macro and micro nutrients which are in the right form for rapid absorption by plants. The fertiliser can increase growth and your plants’ resilience to diseases. The liquid bio-slurry fertiliser is automatically ejected from HomeBiogas through the fertiliser outlet as you add more organic waste and water into the system each day.



Is biogas safe to use?

It most certainly is!



What about when I go on holiday?

If you will be away from home on holiday and aren’t sure about leaving your HomeBiogas unattended, don’t worry! The biogas will stay in the gas bag, waiting for you to use it and the bacteria will stay in the digester, waiting to be fed again.

If your gas bag is filled to capacity and the bacteria inside the digester continue to produce biogas, any excess biogas that does not fit inside the gas holder will be automatically released from the system through a specially designed pressure-release mechanism. The pressure-release mechanism ensures that there will never be excessive pressure on the gas bag, so you can be completely at peace while you are away!



Can I put my HomeBiogas system in my house?

HomeBiogas should always be placed outside and should never be placed inside your house. If you put your HomeBiogas in a greenhouse for the winter months, please make sure it is properly ventilated, as excess gas will be released automatically.



Is the fertiliser safe?

The liquid fertiliser will contain a variety of bacteria and use of the chlorine tablets is recommended as shown in the instructions.  When human toilet waste is added to the system then subsurface irrigation is recommended.