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How infill housing can work with existing infrastructure

Infill housing is the insertion of additional housing units into an already-approved subdivision or neighborhood. They can be provided as additional units built on the same lot, by dividing existing homes into multiple units, or by creating new residential lots by...

Storm in a tea cup!

Storm in a tea cup!

Storm in a tea cup! Flooding is not a great word to be associated with any home.  In this article, I look at a couple of great solutions to this potential problem you could face on your site. The fairly common issue of downstream flooding, can be a serious one when...

Land for Small Houses – Lets Change the Plan

Guess what, we have a housing shortage crisis (and quality issues buts that’s another day’s topic).   The whole industry, including councils, Housing NZ and developers, volume builders and other players need to be involved in new solutions.  So far they are working on...

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