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We specialise in getting projects off the ground

Ian McComb Small Time Development Limited
Our team have  a diverse range of skills and experience, and know how to get housing developments through the hoops.  We have a can-do, flexible capacity and work with clients in a variety of ways to suit the level of support they need - from consulting, to joint ventures to whole project management.

About the Small Time Team

We have gathered an extensive team to support the creation of our affordable, sustainable communities.  Given the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the development process, the team is engaged on a flexible basis rather than having a full-time office presence.

The core staff in Nelson consists of:

Robin Le Couteur (robin@smallhome.nz) 
 – our IT and Sketch-up Wiz Kid who leads the charge on all CAD graphics.

Zoltan McComb
 – supports the process through a variety of office, research and public-facing functions.

Ian McComb (ian@smallhome.nz, +64 22 315 2592)
 – herds cats for a living.

Tracey McComb (tracey@smallhome.nz)
 – the Company Planning Manager (RMA and Community).

Debora Scholl Dos Santos (deb@smallhome.nz)
 – our Administration Specialist.

We also lean heavily on:

Fiona McComb (fiona@smallhome.nz, +61 416 132 402)
– Australian based Marketing Manager who facilitates our website, branding and communications.

Davis Cartwright Consulting (+64 27 414 9164)
– who are our lead Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Consultants.

In Wellington and the Wairarapa

Simone Ammon (+64 21 124 6376)
– undertakes a wide variety of promotional and support activities.

Tomlinson & Carruthers Surveyors Ltd (+64 6 370 0800)
– who are managing the consenting and subdivision processes for us.

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