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Tiny vs Small

So what is the difference between the two??

Well… it varies from country to country.

We regard small as up to 100m2 and tiny up to 35m2

One of the key differences is that there is a Tiny House Movement of people who are thinking of alternative ways of using resources and housing.

As an example…

The small 65m2 container home in construction, pictured, consists of two hicube 40 foot shipping containers and a large deck which doubles the living space. One container functions as a home and the other as an art studio.

The owners consider it a perfect small home office combination:

“Ian’s engineering advice was really valuable in the design and construction phases of this project. His knowledge of waste was also utilised in considering how we could best environmentally recycle our grey water on the block and what type of composting solutions would work.”


As part of the Tiny House Movement, many people are also creating THOWs (Tiny House on Wheels). We encourage the provision of space for visiting THOWs in co-housing and eco-village communities.

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