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Site visits at our Brookside Featherston project

Have a look at the land where Stage 1 is being sited and see examples of two of the local building companies we are using – Ōnoke Kōpuha – the company who has constructed our proposed Manager’s house on the Fitzherbert side of the development and EasyBuild, the major building company for Stage 1 – see the show home 3 doors down on Fitzherbert Street – look for the red flags and check out a finished example!  


10.30am - 1.30pm

Saturdays: 27 February 

Small Time @ Big Tiny House EXPO Motueka 2021

It is much more than just a hobby or an adventure, we believe small and tiny houses can be the way out for first-home buyers, people in need of a permanent home, and those who are trying to lighter their footprint on our land. That’s why Small Time Developments is present at the BIG TINY HOUSE EXPO – 2021 in Motueka.

The Expo showcases sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable housing alternatives and provides a space for open discussion and collaboration at a HUI Centre, which will be used for meetings, workshops and talks debating social, legal and environmental issues. This will be an opportunity for people have their say in the affordable housing conversation and legal land use plans.

One of our goals is to facilitate the creation of more land for small/tiny homes, hence Small Time Developments is proud to be part of this exposition as a social enterprise that promotes affordable housing in NZ. Ian McComb will be giving a few talks during these 2 months on the topic of creating communities. Check the schedule of speakers and other activities at the HUI Centre on social media here

Display of our current project In Featherston and others where we outline our driving concepts to create world-leading examples of the pocket neighbourhood design style for people willing to live in community.

The Big Tiny House Expo will be on until April 5th. Come visit different Tiny Homes, get inspired by green tech innovations, such as Home Biogas, and ponder the personal and environmental benefits of living Tiny.

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